Kevin Babbles Turns 6 Years Old Today

Holy heck, I've reached another milestone. Today marks SIX YEARS of Kevin Babbles. I can barely believe it, this blog has grown up so fast. Granted, it hasn't necessarily matured, but time has definitely passed!

As is tradition on my blogiversary, here are my favorite posts from the past year, you know, in case you weren't reading as closely as you should have been:

20. The time I ruined a classic love song by interpreting its lyrics
19. The time my dad learned to swim
18. The time I found a racist book for children
17. The time I had an awful job interview OR a separate awful job interview
16. The time I exposed "rhythm" for the monster it is
15. The time I criticized nature's dirty sense of humor
14. The time I caught some thieves neon-handed
13. The time I paid tribute to a vegetative woman
12. The time I made a homoerotic zine
11. The time I took aim at the worst comic strip ever
10. The time I set fire to my kitchen
9. The time I fell for a Beyonce impersonator
8. The time I ran around public dressed as the dead Olympic luger OR the police chased around my covered wagon
7. The time I decided my Super Bowl allegiance based on an unrelated lifelong grudge
6. The time I rediscovered an AIDS coloring book from my childhood
5. The time I counted down R. Kelly's most sexually explicit songs OR thanked R. Kelly for helping me earn my Masters degree
4. The time I was an idiot at the wax museum
3. The time I thoroughly analyzed a hairdresser's sign
2. The time I deduced the true meaning of a classic fairy tale.
1. The time I accidentally made a girl feel self-conscious about her weight

If you're interested in seeing this blog in its infancy, you can also see the best posts from previous years, too:
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Thanks to everyone who reads and supports: I assure you that I've still got a lot of babbling left in me.

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midwestdeception49 said...

Happy birthday. I'm glad you're on point, making sure people don't eat too much pie.