Came home from the bar after a hard-fought trivia victory (free shots and drinks, y'all!) and saw Carlos's Facebook status and felt the need to share a fun fact about myself:

It's true, I thought women's genitals were known as "baginas" - yes, with a b - until a frighteningly old age. However, before posting, I started to doubt whether I learned the correct pronunciation from Hocus Pocus and decided to research.

I found a script online and while there is a suggestive exchange about "yabos", there are no vagina references (or bagina references, for that matter), so it must have been another film from my childhood that taught me the proper enunciation of vagina. But which one? Again, I decided to research. And this is how I searched:

I'm pretty sure the FBI is currently on its way to apprehend me. It's been nice knowing you all!

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