Happy Third Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kevin Babbles!

As of today, this blog is three years old. Taking into account my teaching career lasted only two, I consider this quite an feat. Like I did at the
second year and first year anniversary, I have compiled a list of the most memorable posts from the past year. Peruse at your leisure.

25. The time a student taught me a life lesson.
24. The time I fell prey to imitating the media in a rambunctious fashion.
23. The time I was drunk and lost on the streets of NYC on New Year's Eve.
22. The time I observed a racist elementary school teacher.
21. The time as a child I brought swearing to the playground to appear "bad."
29. The time I uncovered an animal kingdom conspiracy.
19. The time I was accosted by a bigot at a lesbian bar.
18. The time I showed up for a party at the right address, wrong city.
17. The time Michael and I got seriously injured in a "race to the car."
16. The time I asked my students for fashion advice.
15. The time Anna and I were yelled at by a semi-successful rock band.
14. The time my student turned me Asian.
13. The time I witnessed the grossest thing I may have ever seen. (Warning: involves poop and vomit.)
12. The time my bank accidentally awarded me over $25,000.
11. The time I explained my complicated history with Britney Spears.
10. The time I found myself caught up in a crime ring.
9. The time I chaperoned a cross-country running meet.
8. The time we brought grammar back to the local parade.
7. The time my student threatened to kill me.
6. The time I pleaded for a less-prejudiced view toward robots.
5. The time I read my students' essays on the ideal qualities of a President.
4. The time I worked for Clear Channel and was swarmed by homeless people.
3. The time I learned that my students were pregnant.
2. The time I made anti-semetic Easter eggs.
1. The time hippies drugged me in San Francisco.

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