Happy Fourth Birthday, Kevin Babbles

WoOoOoOoOoOoO!!!! Happy Birthday, Kevin Babbles! This blog has survived four years on the internet. Let's celebrate by looking back at the 20 most memorable posts of the past year.

20. The time I struggled to learn how to do laundry.
19. The time I watched a young girl attempt to kill herself in the grocery store.
18. The time I saw a TV show where a character killed her father by having premarital sex.
17. The time I committed identity theft against myself.
16. The time I fathered siamese septuplets.
15. The time a strange married Indonesian man might have propositioned me for sex over the internet.
14. The time I ranted about people who breed like it's a hobby.
13. The time a sign persuaded me not to attend a blood drive.
12. The time my student wrote an unintentionally hilarious essay about abortion.
11. The time I was sexually harassed by a crazy, toothless dyke.
10. The time I argued with Mormons about gay marriage for days.
9. The time I read a liberry book that taught me to avoid "retarded" children.
8. The time I listed my favorite infomercials.
7. The time I took advantage of a passed out stranger in Las Vegas.
6. The time I dressed up like a monkey and ran around Los Angeles drunk while pushing a shopping cart.
5. The time I was locked out of the Museum of Tolerance, then joined the protest efforts against the institution.
4. The time I explored my blond identity.
3. The time I uncovered a vast left-wing conspiracy.
2. The time I honestly thought I was possessed by a ghost.
1. The time a recalled doll ate Meggie's hair.

Thanks for coming to Kevin Babbles' party. Don't forget to take a slice of cake on your way out!

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