Straight from the Heart

I'm not sure I've given Bryan Adams' song "Straight from the Heart" a second thought in my life, yet today it popped into my head, which led me to watching this live version on YouTube. Then again. Then again. Then again. "What are you doing, Kevin? This is Bryan Adams," I reminded myself. And then I watched it again anyway.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for sing-alongs. Look at how happy he's making all of those Canadians! They love him. And now I love him? I don't actually love him, in fact I took the piss out of him on his 50th birthday because he's such a ridiculous performer. But now he has found a chink in my armor. I'm only human after all.

I tried to seek solace in the YouTube comments to see if anyone else was as ashamed as I am, but I didn't make it past the "top" comment:

I took my son 19 and daughter 24 to see Bryan Adams. I had been waiting all these years to see him and was so glad he came to Malta. It was the kids first concert and they loved it. They knew all the songs because I had played them so often. They grew up listening to Bryan and his great music. It was a night of dreams come true. Love ya Bryan - angel97302

These kids made it to 19 and 24 without having seen a concert? Did their mom lock them in a basement or something? I'm honestly concerned for the youth of Maltese. Tell you what, angel97302: I'll apologize to Bryan Adams if you apologize to your kids for raising them on Bryan Adams.

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