Kevin Babbles Turns Seven

Kevin Babbles turns 7 today. Seven! I never would have guessed back in 2005 that an activity I set up to keep my creative juices flowing would still be an everyday part of my life. 

I apologize if I've been a bit neglectful of this blog as of late with fewer posts and seemingly less inspiration. Unlike when this blog started, so much of my time is now taken up by writing for work that it feels less like a "break" when I blog. That said, most of my employment has come either directly or indirectly from this blog, so I know I owe it a great deal of gratitude. I promise that I can't imagine kicking the blogging habit anytime soon, and I appreciate the readers who keep coming back to see what I'm babbling about... you help keep this fun.

Per blogiversary tradition, here are some of my favorite posts of the past year:

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