Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kevin Babbles. My blog celebrates two years of being on the World Wide Web today. Hopefully, Kevin Babbles will avoid the whole terrible twos phase and not reduce itself to a plethora of nonsensical tantrums, but I make no promises. (Save the sarcastic, "From your posts lately, I would have guessed the blog was already two" comments, poopheads.) With that in mind, let's reminisce on the good adequate times to distract from a potentially crudtastic future.

I present you a fifteen post retrospective of highlights from the past year:

The time I blacked out in Vegas.
The time I was mistaken for the Del Taco guy.
The time I spoke to sixth graders about poop, Full House, meth, and dicks.
The time I set a fire in my classroom while my principal watched.
The time I expose Helen Keller for the true wench she was.
The time I incited family drama at "Thanksgiving."
The time I made my students create HAND BEASTS!
The time I flew next to an especially nervous passenger.
The time I encountered a mystery through a pyramid scheme.
The time I won a radio dating show - with a twist.
The time I sent a stranger a cryptic, yet suggestive text message.
The time I pondered religion.
The time I pulled a knife on a friend's grandmother.
The time I contemplated the gay bomb.
The time I spread grammar to townsfolk.

Oh, and if you haven't been reading Kevin Babbles for the full two years, you might be interested in the 1 year and 6 month retrospectives, too.

I'm currently working on adding labels to appropriate posts for easier navigation, but this is proving to be a time consuming process, so I'll probably just do a bit at a time. Still, it shows my commitment to you, and moreover, myself. I don't think I would have expected that I wouldn't have tired of this whole blog project by now two years ago, so I do consider its longevity an accomplishment, perhaps to an unnatural extent. Is it sad that I'm more interested in celebrating my blog's birthday than my own? Hmmmm.

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