Why We Fall for Bad-Boy Bikers

Today, the "top story" at MSN.com is called "Why We Fall for Bad-Boy Bikers." This article is very pertinent to my life, as just the other day I was trying to figure out why I'm constantly finding myself in dead-end relationships with rogue motorcyclists. Then I remembered their tattoos, stench, and bug-carcass-encrusted leather jackets, and I had trouble determining why anyone wouldn't fall for the lugs.

The article asserts that "motorcycle" is the second most searched term by women at Match.com. That's really what they're looking for? I can think of dozen of terms, like "employed," "literate," and "not a child molester," that I would try first.

One of the reasons MSN cites to justify this phenomenon is now that society allows women equal status and empowerment, they secretly desire to be dominated and treated like a "li'l lady" rather than a comparable human. Hear, hear! What sane woman would prefer to be treated with respect when she could be slapped and forced to ride bitch? After the ride, she should bake her man a pie. And make him some babies. Preferably at the same time.

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