Movie Memorabilia

About a year ago, I bought that painting at a thrift store. It was part of a set of five, but being cheap, I only bought the one that had a dent in it and was consequently discounted. It was featured prominently in my suite because nothing is sexier than an androgynous child primping in its finest red pajamas. Except maybe Olivia Newton John. No, no, the androgynous child is definitely sexier.

This morning, Amelia and I watched Dead Poet’s Society, which proved interesting for two reasons. First, it was the first Robin Williams performance I’ve seen since Hook that hasn’t made me want to put a jack hammer to my head. Second, my painting made a cameo appearance in the film.

Obviously, I’ve uncovered a rare movie artifact. My art could probably go in a museum with other famous movie props like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, the sled from Citizen Kane, and There’s Something About Mary semen. Anyway, I figure I’ll just end up hawking it on EBay for a couple hundred grand rather than going through the whole tedious process with Sotheby’s. I’d also be willing to make a trade, so let’s talk if you have an original Rembrandt. Or naked pictures of Olivia Newton John. Or a Fig Newton.

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