Airport Romance

While sitting at an airport terminal today, a mother and her four-year-old daughter sit beside me. Reading, I don't pay them any attention until I feel something on my leg. The girl is inexplicably rubbing her hair against me. I pretend to ignore it until her mother notices and snips, "Come over here!" The daughter is occupied with stickers until she returns to me and starts playing with my leg hair. Again, the mother tells her daughter to stop and has her sit closer to her. A few moments pass, then she's back, hugging my legging and rubbing against it. I refuse to call it humping, because that might imply that this girl, most likely my future spouse, is a bit of a hussy, but it came pretty close.

Upon seeing this action, the mother grabs the daughter and brings her to another section. The girl waves to me as she is dragged off, but I do not wave back: partly because I don't want the mother to think I encouraged her daughter's hormonal behavior, and partly because it hurts too much. Just think, if I were a couple years younger, and she was... well... I guess I wouldn't change her age, this relationship could work out. If only her mother could understand.

Sigh. Just another case of Forbidden Love.

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porchwise said...

Really enjoyed reading your whole blog tonight. You should be writing a book of some sort or other. Seriously.