When You Know the Note to Sing

Last week, I made up a new game. It's quite difficult, so only the fiercest individuals up for a real challenge should attempt it. The game involves the song "Do-Re-Mi." I love the Sound of Music. I dare you to find another depiction of the epic battle between nuns and Nazis, fought through song and dance. Perhaps if other shows borrowed a similar plot, fewer people would dump on musical theatre.

As for the game, your challenge is to sing all of "Do-Re-Mi" to the tune of just one note. You're allowed to choose do, re, mi, or any of their two-lettered friends to perform the song, but only experts can master them all. Oh sure, it sounds easier than Paris Hilton, but you'll find the accurate notes to the song are so ingrained that you'll frequently err. Sometimes I'll get a good streak going, only to mess up on "la." I think it's because I pity "la." Why does every other note get its own identification, but la is just "a note to follow so?" That's like referring to Jeb Bush as "sibling to the President," even though he's a governor in his own right.

Keep practicing. The first time I finally succeeded, I felt so inspired that I would have made clothing out of my curtains, if I had any. I suppose I could use my blinds instead, but I suspect they might chafe.


surprisingly wishing that her brother was in ct rather than in ca said...

you seem like you are really bored and wish you were at home playing with your sister.

brook dr. news said...

ooh la la! Kevin has a sibling/betrothed!