Macaroni, Arizona 73251

I'm on a family vacation to Arizona. For my Connecticut-born sibling, Alison, being in another state is like traveling to another country the way she marvels at things. But it's not what's different that impresses her, it's what's the same.

"A CVS!" she exclaims as we drive through Scottsdale. "I didn't know they had California Pizza Kitchens across the country."

"Yeah," I interject. "Who would have thought they'd have California Pizza Kitchens on the west coast?"

That shuts her up. But it's Alison, so the silence lasts for ten seconds tops.

"They have Macaroni Grills out here!" she starts in again.

The car laughs at her, and I don't mean the people in the car: the rental car itself emits a chuckle.

Defending herself, Alison says, "It's not like there's a place called Macaroni... right?"

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Anonymous said...

Well somebody should be happy that she finally got a mention! Hopefully she'll see it--do they have the internet in Arizona, too???