Per Laura's request in yesterday's comment section to have a blog entry written about her, I'll share a story. Normally at this point I would call her an attention whore, but since you're probably inferring as much anyway, I won't bother.

When Laura was a wee child, her family took her on an excursion to a pond. At this point, Laura was pretty inexperienced, a mere tadpole before blossoming into the big, beautiful frog she is today. Anyway, everything at this pond was new to Laura and when she started wandering, she came upon a group of cattails. Immediately, Laura became frightened, bursting into tears at the sight of the cattails. Running to her parents, she reported to them, while wailing, what she had just found: "POOP ON A STICK!"

Ah, kids can be stupid - particularly Laura. To her credit, though, I still use the phrase "poop on a stick" to this day. If only her misperception were a reality, why I'd be able to snack all day in fields of cattails. Mmm, poop on a stick.


ALISON who asked for a dedication, not loop said...

ummmm excuseeee me! i was the one that requested a blog about me, your sister, you stupid poop, not laura, but thanks, nice try. nooowww fix it!

i'm smarter than you said...

thanks a lot jerkface, or as we used to say during Colored Eggs, "pizzaface!"
way to call me a whore, frog, and stupid.

Kevin said...

Oops. It appears that Alison requested an entry about her, which makes much more sense considering that my sister is the attention whore, not Laura. And Laura is definitely not stupid, what would that say about me considering she was my best friend until Alison stole her? I’m standing by my claim that she’s a frog, though. I did mention a “beautiful” frog, didn’t I?