Pitzer: No TA's But Plenty of T&A!

Currently, my college is undergoing massive construction. Being a poorer school, it’s a pretty big deal that we’ve scraped together the funds to finance this overhaul. To display pride in its project, the school has decided to use a 24-hour live webcam to show its progress.

The whole thing is a bad idea. I’m not sure who thought this camera thing was worth including in the budget, and I’m certainly not sure who actually spends the time watching large trucks move dirt in real time. That’s not why it’s a bad idea, though; it’s a bad idea because the webcam prominently features a shot of the swimming pool. Anyone who uses the school’s swimming pool is now subject to being seen on the internet. Yesterday, out of morbid curiosity I logged on twice. The first time, I saw a bikini-clad student floating on her back. The second time, I watched a lifeguard strut around the perimeter of the pool, finally taking his shirt off in what might as well have been a strip tease fashion, before doing laps.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe Pitzer College is the only school crazy enough to broadcast unwitting half-naked teens and young twenty-somethings for the perverts of the world to see. Why subscribe to the Barely Legal Webcam when Pitzer offers it for free? I’m picturing several skuzzy millionaires sitting at their computers watching the “construction” cam all day with their hands down their pants -- that's probably why this entire project got funded in the first place.

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