Celine Dion - an American Hero

Celine Dion - an American Hero
By Kevin
U.S. History Report

Celine Dion is a good singer. She can sing loud. She does many notes. Also, Celine Dion had a rough life. She was the youngest of 14 kids. She was malnerished. She grew up in Canada. Because of these misforchins, when she was 12 her Mom and Dad had to either sell her into slavory or marry her to a 70 year old man. She chose the grandpa husband. Everyday she had to either practise singing or do phelachio on the old man penis. Soon she was the greatest singer in the world. She lives in Las Vegas. Also she got pregnant by a senior citicen. That is why Celine Dion is my American hero. As you can see, Celine Dion is my American hero for all these reasons and more.

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