Katrina and the Wave of Positive Thinking

While everyone is upset about Hurricane Katrina, I can think of one positive thing that came from this storm. Before the hurricane hit, I was watching CNN. A news reporter was standing on a posh commercial neighborhood explaining that wind gusts were already picking up. Almost on cue, a naked mannequin standing outside a store in the distance blew over and onto its back. As the reporter continued to talk, a teenager proceeded to feel up the mannequin's breasts for the camera's benefit. Because I'm immature, I laughed -- a lot.

And look! US Weekly also came up with something positive:

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Susan said...

Yeah, that headline is almost as good as In Touch's insightful comparison of friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, with the headline "Separate but Equal?" I think these writers went to one great little shop on the corner of Lexington and Twenty-Third.