Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl Contest

There's this show in China that's just like "American Idol," but cooler. How so? Well, for one, it's called "Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl Contest," which is the most beautiful mouthful since chocolate chip cookie dough on a spoon.

To say the show is popular is an understatement. Last week, the finale was watched by 400 million people, which if my math is correct, means that 6% of the world population tuned in. Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you had that kind of audience at your disposal? If given the opportunity, I'd use my time to lecture about social agendas important to me like world peace, human rights, and the beauty of incest. And to think, all this show does is feature twenty-something-year-old females that sing and hawk some mysterious dairy product. Although the winner did sing "Zombie" by the Cranberries, which is almost as wonderful as incest. Almost.

Apparently, the Chinese government is a bit concerned because this show ushered in the country's first large-scale exercise in voting, albeit via text messaging. How cool would it be if something known as "Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl Contest" was responsible for bringing democracy to China? Yes: almost as cool as incest. Democracy in the name of Sour Yogurt!

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