Way to Gogh, Kevin

A few weeks ago, we had a presentation on incorporating the fine arts into our classrooms. An elementary school teacher demonstrated how ey got eir fourth grade students excited about paintings by doing a presentation on Van Gogh. Ey distributed samples of Van Gogh's paintings; the one handed to me was on a postcard. While no one was looking, I took the liberty of leading myself in a creative writing project instead, as any English teacher would. On the backside of the postcard, I wrote:

Dear Vincent,

I'm sorry to hear find out about your ear. I hope you feel better and start using bright colors again.


I was proud. Later, while I was bored, I wrote "poop is brown" in the margin. That was also in the name of creative writing. Or something. Then, with little warning, the teacher came around and collected my Van Gogh postcard from me. Apparently, we didn't get to keep them. Oops. My apologies to the fourth grader who is handed that postcard next.

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