Teacher T-Shirt

I think I might have just made up a new tongue twister. Say the title of this post five times quickly. "Teacher t-shirt, teacher t-cher, t-sur..." Not so easy, is it? Now are you starting to see why being a teacher is hard?

Apparently, I need a new wardrobe to be a teacher. Evidently, even without ink stains, my clothes aren't sufficient. So I went out shopping, but had difficulty deciding what teachers wear. I already have plenty of white and blue collared shirts, but I can't just wear those every day, can I? (I know that I technically can wear them every day, as I did just that for three consecutive summer internships, but it started getting embarrassing. At first I'd alternate between blue and white until I realized that dressing in a pattern was even more pathetic than having only two outfit options, so I began wearing blue two days in a row sometimes, despite the fear that people might think I was wearing the same shirt two days in a row, which, truthfully, was often the case.)

I tried going to a department store, but I had trouble remembering what teachers wore. I thought about going to a school to observe a classroom just to look at the fashion. I have forms that would allow me to do something like that, but I'd have to pretend to be studying teaching styles, not clothing styles, and stay for at least an hour. I called Bianca to get her opinion on the matter. At that point I was considering, more seriously than I should probably admit, going to a school and peeking in some windows to see what teachers wore. Bianca's smart and pointed out that that might get me arrested. "Officer, I swear, I was just looking at the teacher's clothes." That might ruin my chance at being credentialed. But then, at least I wouldn't have to worry about purchasing a new wardrobe. When I still didn't entirely abandon the idea, Bianca brought up the fact that schools weren't in session because it's summer and, if that weren't enough, a Saturday. All facts that conveniently slipped my mind. Well if that Bianca's so smart, why couldn't she just tell me what a teacher wears?

I ended up going to a few thrift stores. Previously unexplored by me, the same places that sell me gems like this one also sell nicer clothing. And by nice, I mean clothing my grandparents would wear, which if you think about it makes sense because when older people die, their clothing gets donated. I just hope I don't stir up any emotional outbursts from my students when I show up to school wearing their deceased grandparents' outfits. About $24 later, I have about seven new shirts (with buttons) and three pairs of pants. By new I of course mean used, but they're new to me. I'm still not sure if they're teacher appropriate, but they're all things I'd be happy to wear while teaching, or barring that, gifting to my grandparents next Christmas.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me what teachers wear in the comments section, I'd appreciate it.

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