I finally went to A&Ws and KFC with Alex as we have been meaning to do for a long time. In one tiny building, both restaurant establishments pool their resources to provide us with the best of both worlds. At first I couldn't decide which menu to order off of, until I decided that I might as well get something from each place. This, I reason with myself, is what is known as a multicultural experience. I will diversify my life by having both chicken and root beer and my spirit will be rewarded. The cashier hands me a receipt, and tells me, "Your total comes to six six six." Each six is pronounced with a hiss, "sssssix sssssix sssssix." I look at the receipt. Indeed, the total is $6.66. Why not pronounce it "six dollars and sixty-six cents" or even just "six-sixty-six?"

At any rate, I've learned my lesson: multiculturalism is evil.

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