The Joy of Liberries

I love liberries. Firstly, it has free stuff. Being cheap, free is the price I love best. Plus, you get to return the things when you're finished with them. Because I already own plenty of crap, much of which is useless junk I literally just pick up off the ground, I do not need to be in the habit of keeping additional things at this point in my life.

Evidently, there are also some haters who despise the liberry. They think that liberries provide undesirable, perverted information to vulnerable citizens. (Indeed, my local liberry was the place I obtained the book on homosexual animals.) These are people who think learning should be restricted to areas that do not defy the status quo. They are also probably the same people who say "liberry" without realizing they are saying it incorrectly.

Such haters exist in Idaho, where citizens are calling for the removal of certain books, according to this article, copied here:

Several books considered controversial by some will remain part of the collection at the Nampa Public Library, but they might not be accessible to library patrons.

Monday afternoon, the Nampa Library Board decided to keep “The Joy of Sex" and "The Joy of Gay Sex" books as part of its collection.  However, the books will now be housed on the highest shelf in the library, and library workers will be asked to make more rounds to pick up books left on tables.

Randy Jackson complained to the board about the books, which he feels are pornographic in nature, and too easily accessible by children and teens, “I believe that the library board did not have the best interests of the community in mind when they made their decision today.”

Those who want the books to stay, like Lorrie Breshears, say it's censorship, “Parents should be watching their children and supervising what they are reading.  So I prefer it stay where it was so that people wanting that information don't have to ask for it.”

Jackson checked out a copy of the book "The Joy of Gay Sex", and he says he has no plans to return it.

That last sentence is my favorite part. After putting up a large stink, Jackson decides to just borrow the book himself and keep it indefinitely. We all owe Jackson a thank you for so selflessly accepting responsibility of keeping vigilant watch of the book. He has protected his community, and we wish him well in his certain upcoming masturbatory endeavors.

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