A Public Shaming

About a year ago, I was introduced to a blog called Always Tardy. It made me laugh and, unlike any other blog I've been to, want to come back repeatedly. A few months later, I was so jealous and inspired, I created my own blog, Kevin Babbles. (Go ahead, click the link, but it'll only take you to the exact place that you already are at.) The only reason you are at this site is because I shamelessly copied from Always Tardy's contributors, Kim and Natalie. Speaking of shamelessly copying, here's one of my favorite posts, entitled A Snake with Titties:

My friend sent me an e-mail this morning with the subject line, "You'll like this story".
The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Yesterday my friend takes me to this unique rock/gem store. I end
up buying some stuff, and it just so happens my Mom's birthday is soon (same
days as yours actually), so I got her 2 necklace charms. One is sort-of
abstract. I couldn't really tell what it was, but it had amber in it and it
seemed really beautiful.

I get back to work and show A and she says, "nice boobs." Turns out my
eyesight is bad and it was a sterling silver snake with tits and a mermaid
tail holding a ball of amber.

No return policy. Isn't that great?! I got my Mom a snake with titties for
her birthday. And I got myself an appointment at LensCrafters.

PS- C giggled when she saw it, and said, "hey, Natalie might
like that."

You know, I did like the story. It made me laugh. More than the story, I like the fact that these are my friends and this is the shit that happens to us. Sometimes I behave like a retarded clown but its okay as long as we can laugh about it. I'm pretty much expecting to get a snake with titties for my birthday and I'm cool with it.

Even now, randomly, I will think of that story and burst into laughter.

Anyway, the reason that I shamelessly copied is because I intend to publicly shame the fine folks at Always Tardy into posting something again. They've been a bit too tardy lately, to the point where I demand new content. Look, I understand that it gets difficult: I've been fairly delinquent with my own blog duties lately, but Always Tardy should be more current. If I have to keep blogging, they have to, too! Harumph.

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Kim said...

OK, OK, I can't speak for Natalie, but I'll try at least. But I think being in AUSTRALIA will work as an excuse. They haven't been introduced to the internet yet.