Six Flagged

In dire need of a mental health day, Jessica and I went to Six Flags to cut loose. We got on the Tatsu, the new roller coaster where you're strapped in lying down. We rode in the front row, providing us with the most terrifying and beautiful view and simulating the feeling of flight. It was amazing. Less than amazing was our decision to get on the wild water raft ride five minutes before the park closed. The ride itself was great: we were seated with eight Japanese tourists and the one who was clearly the most afraid of getting wet was splashed the most. Afterwards, drenched and cold, we had to drive home in our underwear.

Saving that ride for last, however, is not my biggest regret. My biggest regret is not carpooling with this lovely individual I discovered on Craig's List:

I am a 35 Male, deaf person from Phoenix. Am looking for female who would be interested to be my trip partner to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Leaving Friday June 9 overnight to avoid the traffic and the heat.

I'll cover gas, motel and Six Flags ticket for you. You should be openminded because I have a twisted sense of humor that might bother some people.

Would prefer to trade pix so that you are not a fatty, minor, or stinky homeless.

Email me if interested.

Imagine the disappointment of the many stinky homeless people surfing the internet looking for rides to Six Flags only to find they are being discriminated against.

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