My New Bed

After sleeping on a futon for the past few weeks, I decided it was time for a real bed. Jessica is a member of the local free-cycle community, wherein people put up high-ticket items for free to fellow reduce-reuse-recyclers. She promised to scan the listings for a bed, then found the mother-load: a California king-sized mattress and springboard. It sounds positively excessive, and after doing some measurements, we learned it would take up a third of the space in my room. Since it would be absolutely absurd for me to take it, I decide that I must do so.

As the first replier, I am the proud new owner of a California king-sized bed. After expecting to borrow Shea's truck to pick it up, we had our plans ruined when it turned out the bed of Shea's truck was filled with glass and aluminum redeemables collected from local restaurants. Ah! The benefit of living amongst reduce-reuse-recyclers has come back to bite me in the Birkenstocks. So now we had to take Michael Michael's station wagon and hope we could tie it to the top with a single rope.

Arriving at the home to pick it up, I almost had second thoughts while looking at how huge it was. After some struggle to lift it atop the card, Jessica did a great job of taking the lead and strapping it to the roof. When it came time to get in the car, however, we realized we had tied ourselves out and had to climb through the windows. Fortunately, we made it back to the house without incident. As soon as it was in my room, four of us got on it and enjoyed its magnificence; we could all fit comfortably (with an emphasis on comfort) without even having to touch each other. I slept like a baby that night - and I mean peacefully, not one of those found in a crib with SIDS.

That's right, I just ruined a perfectly good post by referencing SIDS. Forgive me, it's but one letter away from AIDS.

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