I'm Positive About This One

I've been very sick: Out of nowhere, I've started incessantly sneezing and coughing and feeling miserable in general. Jessica suggests that it might be allergies, but I know better: I have AIDS.

Don't try to reason with me, I know my body, and I know I have AIDS. Runny nose, sore throat... the signs are all there. Jessica tells me that it's not funny to say that, but she does so while laughing. It's okay, though, I'm used to people hating on my health. I even have a term for people like her: HIV Negative. You react poorly to when I tell you I have AIDS? Why, then you're HIV Negative. Don't think AIDS is funny? Way to be HIV Negative, you hater.

I, for one, am positive. I've chosen to remain optimistic about my AIDS, and am looking to surround myself exclusively with HIV Positivity.

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