It Happened Again

Two weeks ago, my teaching class collectively snickered at a something my professor drew on the board resembling a penis. Since then, I've been a bit worried that my immaturity would catch up to me in my own classroom. Now that I'm leading my own summer school course, I was put to the test as I led a plot structure lesson. Scribbling on the overhead projector, I wrote, "The bird comes" before pausing to gather my thought. During that thought, I heard assorted giggling and whispering. Realizing that the introduction of the word "come" was the source, I nonchalantly erased it and wrote "lands" instead, all without cracking a smile or acknowledging the double entendre. I passed my first major maturity test!

After my class ended, I reported to my graduate school class. It's a new class with new professors. Half of the students are from my previous class, while the others completed the first course during the spring semester. Collectively, we are taking notes on a powerpoint presentation when a slide manifests.

Teaching Methods:
* Let's do it together!
* You do it while I watch

It's the second one in particular that forced me to bury my face in my palm. As I did my best to immediately regain my composure, there was blatant laughter occurring around me. Because laughter is contagious and the moment is entirely inappropriate, we fuel each other for the worse and it takes several full minutes before we actually settle down again, despite admonishment from our professors, though they cannot tell what the disruption is about. It's not many graduate classes where instruction is interrupted for an extended period simply because of the phrase "you do it while I watch," just the one housing California's future educators.

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