My Halloween Costume

When I was little, my favorite animal was a giraffe. I even dressed as one for Halloween one year. While searching a closet at my childhood home recently, I actually found the old costume I made (with ample help from my mom, I'd bet) in fourth grade. In the spirit of reusing (all 3 Rs are important, guys), I decided to be that same giraffe. Sure, the 18-year-old costume was in disrepair, but with some bent coat hangers and a whole lotta duct tape, I whipped it back into reasonable shape.

Let me tell you, this classic costume was a hit, you guys. The neck made it sort of hard to dance in sometimes, but it held up surprisingly well in my romp around West Hollywood last night. Dozens of strangers stopped me to take pictures with them, most of whom were attractive young women. Word to the wise, dudes: giraffes are chick magnets. I personally thought that my Rufio costume last year was more impressive, but it's the giraffe that got all the attention.

While all of the wear and tear has definitely put the giraffe costume back on the endangered list and back into retirement, I'm happy that he got one last go. He even made a friend when I found a giraffe pinata at a warehouse party. When I sat on the pinata to pose for a photo, it broke, which made me feel like a loser. In retrospect, however, breaking a pinata usually means you've won, so perhaps I'm still a winner after all.

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