Art for Fart's Sake

Hey artists, you better step up your game, because I just spotted the world's greatest public art installation: a transgendered ballerina clown.

You can find this gem, which features a motorized kicking leg, on the CVS building in Venice. But beware - it's terrifying. Allison actually shielded her face and asked that we move away from it as soon as possible.

Naturally, this reaction got me thinking: why did Venice even want this crazy thing amidst a row of otherwise chic stores on Main Street? Somehow I doubt CVS commissioned it. In search of an explanation, I located the artist's statement:

The Venice Boardwalk is full of all kinds of people in all sorts of outfits and the atmosphere is very festive with many live street performances taking place, especially on weekends. This sculpture is an accommodation or resolution of opposites in one. Not only does this image bring the male and female together into one figure, but also, two opposite types of performers are represented: the formal classical ballet dancer and the traditional street performer. Of course, this public sculpture might push the envelope in ‘taste’, but if you have ever walked the Venice Boardwalk on a Sunday afternoon, you might understand why this figure is right at home.

I love how, in addition to bullshitting, he managed to be condescending, too. Why not just say, "Yo freaks, I made this freaky art because it's what you freaky freaks deserve."?

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