The Divorce Everyone Saw Coming

Whoa now! SPOILER ALERT! I hadn't had a chance to watch the Kim Kardashian four-hour wedding special yet, and now the ending has been ruined for me. Geez, media, why not have some consideration for the TV-watching public?

On second thought, why not have some consideration for decency? I actually literally shed a tear while seeing all of the Kardashian divorce coverage today - not because I'm emotionally invested but because it wrecks me to see that this is what America cares about. I know it's not an original gripe to say, "How is this news?", but this entertainment story is especially infuriating because everyone knew this wedding was a sham from the start. And now we have to go through the motions of the divorce, too? There are legitimate newsworthy stories going on in the world right now, but instead everyone (including ME apparently) is "keeping up" more readily with a professional fame whore.

We are suckers. Don't watch her show, don't buy her magazines, don't perpetuate her fame. I say this as a reality television addict, too. Watching attention whores is amusing - so long as they're failing. The appeal of reality television is that people debase themselves just to get looked at. They want to be famous, but the real "fifteen minutes" rule is that fifteen minutes after the show goes off the air, they are forgotten. Sure, there are some exceptions, but we can't let one as big as Kim perverse this otherwise enjoyable system.

She marries, she win$. She divorces, she win$. She sneezes, she win$$$. Fuck her and her scripted life that so many people buy into it. She's not royalty, fuck, she's not even interesting. Let Kim embarrass herself publicly all she wants, but PLEASE don't let her profit from it. We should all be less concerned about her divorce and more concerned with the fact that we've created a monster.

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