In a While, Crocodile

It is with great reverence that I purchased the official Crocodile Hunter game at a thrift store several weeks ago for $3. Actually, my intention was to have a thoroughly inappropriate time celebrating our indifference to Steve Irwin's death. While $3 is a bit steep, particularly for a secondhand board game, I figured that now more than ever this item would be in high demand and I could make a profit by selling it on Ebay. Look, I'm not saying it's good to capitalize on a person's death, but when life hands you a dead crocodile hunter, make some money, damnit.

Even with a battery-powered crocodile involved, this game was seriously one of the most boring games I have ever played. The amusement of symbolically killing Irwin shortly after his own legitimate death did not make up for Milton Bradley's piss-poor design. The game lasted approximately five minutes and we had no desire to play again.

That's it, I decided. This game is going up on Ebay immediately. Alas, when I checked whether other people were selling this same item, I found dozens of listings trying to hawk the game for a couple of bucks; the only one receiving any bids was the one still in the shrink wrap.

Crap! Someone hand me a stingray. Can you see my face? I'm shedding crocodile tears.

Instead, we played an awesome game, 13 Dead End Drive, which is all about murdering your opponents. That's what I'm talking about! While the game is always awesome, this time is was particularly awesome because Kat and Shea decided to make an "unofficial" pact not to kill each other and still managed to lose both games. Alliances are totally poor form in 13 Dead End Drive, so when Amy and I both managed to be the lone competitor against the pair and still take them both out in brilliant last moves in consecutive games, it was sweet justice. How much Survivor do I have to watch with Kat before she understands that you should only hold onto an alliance as long as it benefits you personally?

In other news, Bosco jumped on Jenna, and it was awesome.

Also, Bosco is still totally the cutest dog in the world.

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Anonymous said...

im glad to see that you and jenna match and that you are wearing a pumpkin hat. i would say that inappropriate, but its october so i'll let it slide, but its still weird that you're wearing that inside playing 13 deadend drive. also, since when do you like dogs?