But No Babies!

I'm not sure exactly who first coined the phrase (perhaps someone can fill me in), but the slogan "Up the Butt: No Babies!" has been a masterpiece to me since I first heard Christina recite it.

Up the Butt: No Babies is a responsible way for sexually-active individuals to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is the perfect alternative to abstinence-only education for those who are keen on neither abortion nor teen pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this mantra was laid to rest when it turned out a friend of Allison's engaged in anal intercourse that still unexpectedly resulted in pregnancy. Attributed to the "trickle-down effect," (Reagan would love this one), the frightening reality is that, in rare cases, Up the Butt can lead to babies.

Regardless, Up the Butt is still probably the most effective method we have to prevent pregnancy. Well, that and condoms and birth control and other things that "cost money." Hey, look, even hospitals agree:

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