Flavor Flavor

For her classroom, Jessica bought an oversized watch as a wall clock. Though it's the most awesome thing ever, Jessica was a bit embarrassed to bring it into her school, because she'd have to carry it on the train. Michael Michael suggested she wear it around her neck ala Flavor Flav. Though I've never known Jessica to shy away from ostentatious bling, she didn't seem to keen on the idea. On the other hand, I found the concept genius, and reminded everyone that I have a viking hat. With a bit of coaxing, Jessica modeled her Flavor Flav gear to the extreme, with Michael Michael performing as the best photographer this side of Nigel Barker.

She did a pretty good job; of course, if Flav was actually that attractive, the very concept of the Flavor of Love show wouldn't be so preposterous.

Personally, I find Flav's very existence to be an embarrassment to mankind, but I was willing to give it a go. During my first shot, I could have sworn I was making a Flav face, but clearly I was missing something.

I got better though.

And check out my post-it note grill!

Meanwhile, Kline agreed to join in on the fun. Since she was unfamiliar with Flavor Flav, I showed her the page and a half of my thesis devoted to the peculiar individual. She barely read a few sentences before deciding it was boring. If the passage about Flavor Flav is deemed boring, it doesn't bode well for the rest of my thesis. Here's her pose:

Later, even after being force fed the history of Flavor Flav, Kline would look at this photograph and claim, "I thought I was being a viking; I did not realize that I was being a Flavor Flavor." Twenty minutes after that, it occurred to her, "Why would a viking wear a big watch?"

And now for one of my new favorite pictures ever:

It looks like Flavor Flav is constipated.

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