How Gypsies Roll

On the way home from a spicy authentic Chinese restaurant, somehow the conversation turns to gypsies, and I run with it. For unknown reasons, Alison becomes terrified at the mere mention of gypsies, and I share this fact with my car-mates. I imitate the gypsy cackle that makes my sibling shudder. True capitalist that she is, I suspect Alison is most scared that someone might try to take her money. Dan informs me that in other countries gypsies even terrorize hospitals, pilfering anything that isn't nailed down. When I express shock that gypsies disturb even hospitals, Dan responds, "That's just how gypsies roll!" "How's that?" I ask, confused. Andrew interjects to explain, "In stolen wheelchairs!"


Susan said...

I'm excited you remember the gypsy thing because I invented the gypsy cackle! And the cackle goes along with the threat, "heehaaahhah, I'm going to steal your walllettttt!" And we had to walk Alison home because she was scared that she would run into some gypsies on Brook Drive. Which she probably would. Gypsies or Mrs. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

hahahaah i love it!! meaning i love that im famous!!!