If You Give A Mouse a "Cookie"

If you're familiar with me, you know I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores. After all, If it's not secondhand, it's not worthwhile. My excursion to a thrift store yesterday was rather eventful.

I found this superb shirt that said, "Let me get this straight. My grandchild is a cat?" It would have bought it, had it not been XXL. The only thing funnier than imagining some old person wearing that shirt is imagining a very large person wearing that shirt.

Baggy isn't my style: I prefer tight attire. Finding a pumpkin hat, I immediately knew I needed it to own it. Nevermind that the tag says it was from the Baby Gap for newborns from 7-12 pounds.

The best find, however, was an oversized rodent, sophisticatedly dressed in a pink sweater and white scarf. This disturbing critter cost $30, with most of that price deferring the cost of all of that stuffing in the crotch.

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