Bloody Mary

Catch Phrase (think Taboo meets Hot Potato) is another favorite game of mine, because it invariably results in tons of laughter. Several weeks ago, after passing around the disc for more than an hour and a half, Shea decided it was time we up the stakes and make all of the clues sexually explicit. His suggestion seemed difficult, given that most of the phrases aren't the least bit dirty. Still, the intoxicating atmosphere led us to give it a go. The best moments were recorded, sloppily, on a post-it for posterity as we knew it would not be remembered by the morning. They are as follows:

Kevin: If you had sex with a female clown, you'd call it a...
Michael Michael: A funny bone?

Kevin: Oh, so if you're a rich motherfucker, you'd have sex in a...
RJ: Limousine.
Kevin: No. It's the limousine of houses.
RJ: A mansion!
(From now on, all mansions are referred to as the limousine of houses.)

Shea: This is a man I would not want to have sex with.
Michael Michael: Richard Simmons?
RJ: Magic Johnson!

Kevin: If you were going to do it with an In & Out burger, what position might you use?
Michael Michael: Animal style!

Kevin: If I had sex with a famous virgin on her period, I'd call it a...
Michael Michael: Bloody Mary?!?

Obscene? Sure. Hilarious? Definitely. The best part, however, was that even though we didn't keep score or acknowledge winners, we kept starting the timer, meaning the obnoxious ticking noise kept sounding for hours for no reason whatsoever. Each time the buzzer sounded, whoever held the device immediately hit the start button again as if nothing had happened.

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