That's a Lot of Sweat

I'm about ready for this heatwave to be over. My neighborhood lost electricity four times this weekend due to excessive energy use, which has made life miserable. Look, I promise to cut down by not using the AC, but I at least need a fan blowing on my face in order to not melt in this weather. 

Last week, I sweat more than I ever have before. I participated in a dodgeball tournament on one of the hottest afternoons of the summer in an un-airconditioned gym. My team played about fifteen games in a row without a break and it was pretty disgusting. I couldn't keep my eyes open because they stung of sweat, the court was slippery thanks to all the perspiration, and, worst of all, I could no longer throw the ball. Check that, I could no longer even GRIP the ball. My hands and the balls were so wet that I kept dropping the balls involuntarily.

To add insult to sweat, my team lost big time. Following the games, I exited the sauna-like building and tried to make a call to take my mind off the experience. After leaving a brief voice message, I tried to end the call… unsuccessfully. I kept hitting the "END" button on my screen to no avail, finally realizing it was just too wet to work after resting against my cheek momentarily. I tried to rub the phone off on my shirt but there was not a dry spot to be found. Periodically, I'd apologize on the message, explaining that I was trying really hard to end the call, but it was too wet. This went on for probably a full minute before I was finally able to get the screen dry enough by rubbing it on a plant to actually hang up.

In summary, even the little things are overwhelmingly difficult to do in the heat. Yuck.  

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