Careers for Girls

While looking for board games in a closet at my grandpa's house, I found this awesome game from my mom's childhood, What Shall I Be?: The Exciting Game of Career GIrls.

Exciting is right. Even though it was manufactured in 1966, there were already SIX amazing careers available to women:

  • Ballet Dancer
  • Teacher
  • Model
  • Airline Hostess
  • Actress
  • Nurse
With such diverse choices, how did a girl playing the game decide which career to pursue? Well, it all depends on her god-given traits, naturally.

If you doubt this game's influence on young women, please note that she did in fact become a teacher. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she wanted to be an airline hostess, but lacked the appropriate grace.

Actually, these playing pieces hold some good advice in general. So if you're unemployed and female (and really, if you're one then you're most likely the other) remember that the world needs more ballerinas. And even if you've never thought about modeling before, it's always an option! Just lose some weight, stand up straight, and fix your make-up, toots.

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LittlestWinslow said...

If I was a female, I'd find this totally offensive! Since I'm not, I find it to be equal parts of HILARIOUS and fucked up. Oh, 60's, you silly.