Party Fail in the USA

My pet project to turn "Party in the USA" into our country's new national anthem went up on Hello Giggles today. A lot of people liked it! But also, a lot of people hated it. Sigh. Here were some of my favorite Facebook comments:

Folks, I'm just being Miley! WHY are people so vehemently opposed to my 100% earnest suggestion that we make a Miley Cyrus tune the nation's theme song? It's like most of the people don't get it. And by "it", I mean the fantastic idea to make "Party in the USA" the song we put our hands over our hearts to… before rocking our hips like yeah, obviously. 

There's a culture war brewing, folks: Cyrus fans vs. hardcore patriots. Spoiler alert: both sides are silly. 

When you see me being accused of treason on Fox News, at least now you'll know why.

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Brea B. said...

The average person's utter inability to process irony and sarcasm never fails to astound me.