Rest in Pieces, Bin Laden

You guys, I think we all owe a certain bumbling former president an apology. He's wiser than we ever gave him credit for. Perhaps it's no coincidence that pathetic sounds so much like prophetic.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for al-Qaeda to release a video of bin Laden claiming responsibility for his own death.

Anyway, I'm glad that Osama's death resulted in uniting our people last night. I'm so sick of those liberal losers always whining, "But why are we bombing these innocent people..." At last, they were rejoicing a violent American smack-down. Bloodlust is patriotic, y'all.

But for real - who are we going to kill next? We need a new common foreign enemy to keep this momentum going. My top nominee is Russell Brand. Hands off our Katy Perry - and off with his head!


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