Hoping for the Rapture

Am I the only one who actually hopes the rapture occurs today?

No, I don't believe it's going to happen, but what an honor it would be to experience the end of the world. Everyone dies, but not everyone goes out by way of apocalypse, and I think the thrill of it all would push "peacefully in my sleep" and "drowning in a tub of caramel" to two and three on my Ideal Ways to Die list.

More than anything, I'd just love to have a concrete answer. Think of how many people live and die with even having the slightest idea of the meaning of life and the existence of higher powers. If the rapture were to occur, I'd be surprised, but at least I'd have an answer. I'd be the first to congratulate the doomsday Christians I once branded crazy for having a worldly understanding that I was never privy to, and it wouldn't just be an effort to gain last minute acceptance.

I don't mind being wrong. As an agnostic, I admit that I don't know. But I definitely want to know. So if the rapture is the answer, bring it! In a weird way, all would seem right with the world, even when everything in the world is going wrong.

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