Not Family-Friendly

A reminder: This blog is not family-friendly. I say that both because the content can sometimes be off-color, but also because it is known to irritate certain members of my family.

This blog is a performance, intended to entertain. It is mostly compromised of humorous, true anecdotes from my life, includes some observations that I make about other people and things, and is peppered with comments (often offensive) that are not meant to be taken seriously.

Most recently, I upset some with my Earth Day post from a few days ago. It was purposely crass, and though told in first person, not a reflection of the way I am or how I actually speak. It made me laugh because it IS stupid and it IS inappropriate, and was meant to satirize someone of that ilk. The shock value clearly worked.

Yes, it is "embarrassing," but this blog would be nearly bare if I were to remove all of the posts that humiliated myself. I have always been complimented for having a funny, thoughtful, yet self-deprecating approach to writing. I tend to agree that my talent lies in making myself the butt of many of my own jokes. While tearing myself down, I'm simultaneously building myself up. Maybe I need a psychologist to figure out why that happens.

I'd like to hope that despite looking like a dumbass, I'm still somewhat lovable. Not universally loved - my sense of humor is not for everyone, and I know that - but I think that is what people enjoy about this blog is that I make myself vulnerable in ways that most wouldn't, and I have a good time doing it. Have you read most personal blogs? They are boring. I think my deviance is what makes this blog popular.

On the other hand, if you think I just look awful on this site, then I encourage you to stop reading. I can be polite and pleasant in real life and there are plenty of people who have the highest regard for me because they only know that side of me. That said, there are plenty more who have that same regard while being aware of my duality. If you prefer the former, let me know, and I'll be happy to send you just the sanitary* updates.

If somehow you are reading this material and know my parents better than me, please don't let my blog be a reflection on them. I assure you, this blog would be entirely different if they edited the content. They are great parents who raised me to be a proper person. I grew up a drug-free, good student who didn't even curse. (I know some of your kids, and they can't say the same!) Judge me if you wish, I've opened myself up to it, but don't judge them.

There's also a major culture divide from where I grew up, Connecticut, and where I live now, Los Angeles. I attend comedy shows where the performers say words I would never dare say aloud, and I taught in public schools where teenagers could "joke" about raping their teachers without facing any consequences. So the truth is I'm a little desensitized to some of the more lewd content. I'd contend that I've still got more Puritan in me than hoodlum, though I realize the way I portray myself here doesn't always reflect that.

But I'm me and I'm not going to stop being that. Oddly, the things that would "ruin" you in Connecticut are the same things that can make you in Los Angeles. If reality TV has taught me one thing, it's that you've got to embarrass yourself somewhat before anyone pays attention. (What a progressive society!) I honestly feel that this blog has been and could be one of my tickets to growing as a person, growing as a writer, and becoming successful. I assure you, I don't bring dick jokes to work (unless that's what they task me to do!) and keep it entirely professional. If you ask me, some of the cheesy things I have agreed to write for money are more "offensive" than anything you can find here. But I still do it happily and terrifically!

Wow, that was a mouthful. Love you all!

* And by sanitary, I mean the second definition Webster has listed rather than the third. (Sorry, but you could try to make me as appropriate as possible, and I'll still be making poop jokes 'til I die.)


Kim said...

It's sad that people just don't understand how sexy Mother Earth is.

midwestdeception49 said...

It's sad how much you've changed in LA...

Susan said...

You still seem like the same Kevin I used to babysit!