Dodgeball gets a bad rap. I can't even count the number of adolescent-focused movies and TV shows that portray dodgeball as some traumatic event where bullies destroy the likable weakling. However, even as one of those likable weaklings myself while growing up, I enjoyed the game.

Recently, I joined a local dodgeball league. It took a couple of weeks for me to figure out how to effectively dodge, catch, and throw (all right, I still don't really know how to throw), but I came to like participating. All it took was that first ball to the face to realize that "that didn't really hurt" and for me to start playing with no fear. That said, a ball to the crotch does take a while longer to shake off.

My team's name was Wu-Tang Flan. If for no reason, joining dodgeball was worth it just to get the t-shirt. I'm not sure who designed it, but I will definitely be repping the "WTF" off the court, as well. Awful puns for the win!

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