It's been a month since the toilet clogged in a tremendous way. Since then, our house has had one bathroom, but it can't well accomodate eight people's feces on its own.

For this reason, I've had to manipulate when nature calls. I'm usually a three-times-a-day pooper, but I've adjusted my schedule to poop twice at work and have that work for me. All peeing occurs outdoors, just like the dogs.

During my first year of college, I had a similar situation. I shared a bathroom with some truly gross people and felt more comfortable using a public restroom whenever I needed to poop. If I was out, I would try to poop while I was out so I wouldn't have to use the toilet when I got home.

Why not call a plumber? We're kind of in a bind with the landlord. We get away with a steal on rent and not putting down a deposit or being bound to a lease by not causing any trouble, including raising a stink about any house problems. If we are to ask for something to get fixed, he threatens to raise our rent and all sorts of gross things. Although tenents have rights in those regards, we're not officially tenents, so we kind of forfeit those rights for the other privileges.

So we can't call our landlord to send a plumber. Instead, I tried snaking the toilet, then Sisco tried snaking the toilet, but no lasting fix was found. Finally, we called a plumber on our own, hoping to pay a modest fee to resolve our issue. The plumber claimed to fix the clogging issue more than temporarily, our plumbing needs a major overhaul, costing more than $3,200. Obviously, we are not paying $3,200.

Yesterday, Shea found a fix by shoving a hose in the toilet and running warm water into it until it declogged. That's good to get the toilet up and running again, but we all agreed we're going to have to be careful with the amount of toilet paper we use. The best solution someone came up with was having a separate trash can for toilet paper. Rather than flushing it, we'll put it in a bin like they do in foreign countries with limited sewage technology. I agreed at first, but this solution is a little, well, stinky. Either we agree to empty it immediately, or we have got to find another way.

As requested, that's an update on how my bowel movements are going. All right, so no one requested it, but I just know you've been wondering!


R.J. or Raarrr J. or Sabre-Toothed Portillo said...

When I was abroad my family used scented tp to help with the stench associated with your solution. That mixed with a small lined trashcan that opens and closes, or one with a top that spins round and round might help. As a hoarder/thief of tp in the past I felt a responsibility to offer some advice.

brook drive resident said...

yes, kind of like baby diapers. they stink, but they usually sit next the crib for a few days. i agree with above. get the kind of trash with the spinny top. that way when you throw out your tp, you'll be able to smell everyone elses just for a second. YUMMM