Sweet as Rice

We're out for Thai food tonight. A bowl of plain steamed rice is served first and, being especially hungry, I heap a bunch on my plate. To spice it up a bit, I grab the salt and sprinkle a bunch on top. As Shea and Jessica help themselves, I notice how sweet the rice tastes. After a few more bites, I ask the others if they have ever had rice this saccharine before. They insist that they don't find the rice to be sweet. I make a puzzled face, then take another bite before insisting that there has to be sugar on it. Wait, sugar? I glance back to the salt shaker that isn't really a salt shaker. Instead, it's your standard diner sugar jar, which I failed to recognize as such. How did I manage to become the biggest idiot ever?

I swear, if agoraphobia were a hobby and not a disorder, I would take it up gladly.

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