"Look, Look, Look at the Dog"

(Thanks to Alison for coining the title of this update.)

I have a dog.

Okay, the dog is not technically mine, but I live with em and play with em constantly, so I pretend that ey's mine.

When I was younger, I fancied myself more of a cat person. Independent and enjoying similar creatures, I didn't give much credit to, seemingly needy, dogs. Now that I've grown to be a more affectionate person, I've realized what a great companion a good dog can be.

Bosco is nothing short of amazing. We jump, play, dance, and chase our tails together. All of those activities that seemed so pointless to me are now some of the most rewarding moments of my day. I never thought I'd be the type of person who would think about the dog all day at work and rush home to snuggle with em, but I've proven myself wrong.

I wish someone had told me about dogs sooner. They're incredibly versatile. I used to look to my roommate to spend time with, cuddle with, wrestle with, lick my face, and eat scraps off the floor, but Bosco does all that even better -- plus ey's loyal!

I never fail to be impressed by Bosco's interest in balls. Watching Bosco's eyes light up and mouth drop open at the sight of a ball is truly awe-inspiring. I only wish my life could be so uncomplicated sometimes that I could put my full enthusiasm toward something as simple as a ball.

Admittedly, Bosco has some issues. First of all, ey licks anything and everything in eir general vicinity. Be it the bottom of my shoe, the grime trapped behind the fridge, or the underside of a couch cushion, Bosco wants to rub eir tongue against it for minutes at a time. Second of all, Bosco randomly vomits. Initially, I figured it had something to do with incessantly licking dirt, but I'm pretty sure it's a case of bulimia.

It's my fault. I let Bosco sit on my lap and watch a lot of Canada's Next Top Model with me, and there's no way ey could ever be as skinny as some of those unnatural waifs. I just wish Bosco would realize ey's cute just as ey is.

After playing fetch for a while, I decided to conduct a photo shoot with Bosco to help boost eir confidence. Bosco demonstrated phenomenal poise in eir poses and a raw talent behind the camera as well. I realize it's probably debatable as to which of us has the cuter pictures, but I'd like to encourage you all to heap praise upon Bosco considering ey's doing the best ey can to try to get through this little disorder.

What an attractive dog. Bosco that is.


Anonymous said...

hahahaa look look look at the dog! unreallllllllll. he looks a lot like oyu! also again i am going to ask again, why does the their's and he's and they's end up being eir, ey, and ey's??? ANNOYINGGGGGGG

Susan said...

I was just going to write in the same thing as anonymous aka ALISON: why is "he" always "ey," etc.?

Also I wanted to remind you that we never made that "Look, look, look at the dog" rap!

And I'm jealous that you get to play with a dog. I bet you have the same favorite snack, too!