Would He Die for You?

After only a week of dating, my former roommate Tammy* decided to introduce her new boyfriend, Blaine*, to her family, mainly at her family's urging. The family is super close-knit, to the point where dating Tammy essentially means dating her family as well, a scenario which has been known to drive previous suitors away.

Before the big dinner, about ten of Tammy's family members were gathered in my living room discussing the impending meeting. They wanted to know all about Blaine from Tammy in advance. One aunt cut to the chase: "Does he promise to love you forever? Would he be willing to die for you?"

Tammy made a nervous face. I had been trying to stay out of the ordeal, but I couldn't help but chime in after hearing that. "You can't ask that! They've only been dating a week!"

"Tammy is a very special girl with a lot of love, we need to know that he cherishes her," the aunt responded. It seems to me that dying for someone you barely know is a lot to ask of someone, but since we clearly saw differently on the subject, I ended the conversation.

Later that night, Tammy and Blaine came home from dinner, with Blaine looking like he had been beat up. When he was alone, he gave me the details: the family had decided to play a "game" where they went around in a circle each taking turns asking Blaine very personal questions.

"They wanted to know my intentions, like for marriage and stuff," Blaine sighed. "I like Tammy and all, but it's been like a week. I don't even have intentions yet."

"Oh my gosh," I finally realized. "Her aunt didn't ask if you would die for her, did she?"

Blaine gave me a stare. "Yupppp."

I gave Blaine a hug. It's a wonder that they survived that first week and are still together years later. Dying for someone seems way easier than dealing with her family.

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