Holy Mole-y

The other night Sasha, who most often wittily paints animals, was looking for inspiration for a new art piece that fit the theme "peep show". After some useless suggestions I came up with the awesome idea of a blind mole at a strip club. Just the notion of a creature who can't see trying to enjoy an entirely visual act tickles my funny bone.

Sasha sort of liked the idea (and, frankly, anything more than "I hate that" is a big compliment coming from her) and went about looking up pictures of moles to see how she might artistically render one. Unfortunately, I don't think she's going to wind up using the idea. But her on-the-fly comments while looking for the mole pictures were works of art in their own right:

1. "I'm just trying to search for mole images without finding, like, CANCEROUS mole images."

"Do they not even have eyes?"

3. "I don't know if I can even draw a convincing mole because they're so ugly. I could do a totally awesome rendition and it would still be ugly."

"How is that even a thing?"

"They're like dicks with teeth."

Dicks with teeth! How funny is that? And how gross is that thing? It really is phallic in the worst way. Maybe it's better that they're blind so that they don't ever catch a glimpse of their own reflection.

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Amber said...

check out the movie "teeth' on Netflix. It is a horror movie about a girl whose brother tries to finger her and her vagina bites him. That is just the first few minutes....