War Horse: Critical Reviews

See what the critics are saying about War Horse:

1. "Winner of this year's Gallop Poll."
2. "I think it's safe to say that Julia Roberts will be scoring another Oscar for her believable performance in the title role."
3. "Hung like horse is usually a compliment, but with a runtime of two and a half hours, the film is just too long for its own damn good."
4. "Eat your heart out, Seabiscuit."
5. "I'm glad this movie exists, if only to inspire the inevitable War Whores beastiality-themed porn parody."
6. "A remarkable portrayal of the past, as well as what's to come. In the future, our battles will be fought exclusively by war horses."
7. "The only way this flick could have kept me glued to my seat was if they turned the warrior equine into an adhesive."
8. "Constantly wishing I knew how the horse was feeling as the action unfolded gave me a new appreciation for Mr. Ed."
9. "More yays than nays. But more neighs than anything."
10. "Wait, which war is this? I was hoping to see the horse clomp over some Nazis."

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