Photo Scavenger Hunt

Brady's photo scavenger hunt birthday party was one of my favorite events of 2011. Penny, Lizzy, Randal and I ran all around LA in strange attire while snapping pictures and causing a ruckus. Together we...

Chatted with a kooky lady about her dress and dog

Became Scientologists

Used a pay phone

Pole danced in front of a strip club

Ate some skateboard punks' Del Taco...

Then let them jump over us...

And then we jumped with them

Piggy-backed through a drive-thru

Laundered ourselves

Rolled down a hill

Had a battle in Halloween costumes

Price-checked Magnum condoms at a sex store

Got fleas

Photobombed a family of Shrek fans

Had my tits signed by Princess Tiana

Rode through the grocery store on an electronic cart

Following the photography sessions, all teams reassembled to score each other's work. It probably goes without saying, but my team won. Those other teams didn't stand a chance.


LK said...

That's my Del Taco! I really hope I don't see you in real life because I will totally embarrass myself pointing at you and whispering to people "Oh my god that's Kevin Babbles!"

Meanwhile I ignore "real" celebs when I see them. You and the tall guy from 2gether are the kind of celebs I'd harass irl.

Kevin said...

If you see one of us, odds are you'll probably see the other because the tall guy from 2gether and I are BFFs who hang out all the time.