Excuse Me, Waiter, There's a Fly in My SOPA

Tomorrow I'll be blacking out my site in solidarity against SOPA. They can call it an anti-piracy bill, but that's really just a smokescreen for the government to hijack the internet and censor it as they see fit. The internet needs to remain a haven for unrestricted sharing of information. And yes, that includes TMI stories about my bowel movements.

I know, I know... a whole day without me babbling? How will you cope? I suppose you could try to find a better website, but a) that doesn't exist and b) any site that even comes close will probably be going black, too. Hopefully the devastation of not hearing from me will get you to speak out against the bill as well. (Also, any excuse to take a day off from thinking of something funny or interesting to blog is okay in my book.)

Anyway, I'll be back Thursday to post awesome things... until I'm censored for real by SOPA or imprisoned under falsified suspicions of terrorism thanks to the NDAA.

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